Our Vinegars

Balsamic Vinegars:

We use the best of British ingredients to produce our fruit infused balsamic vinegars. We blend the flavours to have the right balance of sweetness whist still maintaining the balsamic undertones. We don’t use any artificial flavours or preservatives and the vinegar we use is Gluten free too.

We’ve had an amazing response to our vinegars and people have been excited to share with us what they have been using them for. They are brilliant for juzshing up salads, either mixed with an olive or rapeseed oil but are also great used in sauces, and gravies and can be used in marinades or glazes.

We are now taking orders and can arrange delivery locally, around Swansea, Llanelli and Carmarthen or collection from us in Llangennech. We are able now to arrange postage. I only produce small batches of goodies so please order early to avoid disappointment.

Roast Onion Balsamic

A sweet Onion balsamic which makes a lovely salad dressing and a great addition to sauces and gravies.

Raspberry Balsamic

This is a fabulous sweet balsamic vinegar which is bursting with fresh raspberry flavours.

Use it as a meat glaze or drizzled over cous cous. Its particularly good with Mediterranean roast vegetables and roast chicken.

It can also be used as a non-alcoholic Pimms substitute when mixed with lemonade or soda water. For something completely new try adding it to a chocolate brownie recipe.

Pomegranate Balsamic:

A richly flavoured sweet balsamic which is just perfect with salad and great with Parma ham in a walnut and goats cheese salad. It works well with tagine and can also be used to dress cous cous.  It makes a fabulous marinade for lamb or beef.

Try it with fruit salad or on pancakes and ice cream.

It also makes a great cordial.

Black Garlic Balsamic

Our most popular balsamic which has a subtle blend of sweetness and the smoky black garlic. Its brilliant on roasted vegetables and can be used in stews, spaghetti Bolognese and cottage pie. We’ve used it to make a special sauce for steak, while the steak is resting just deglaze the pan with the vinegar and add a little cream.

Or simply enjoy it as a dip with some artisan bread.

Strawberry Balsamic

The sweetest of the vinegars which is full of strawberry flavours. It’s gorgeous on pancakes or ice cream or drizzled on panna cotta. Try it on a crushed walnut, tomato and basil leaf salad.

This can also be added to prosecco and cava.

Ruby Grapefruit Balsamic

A great combination of sweetness and citrus tang, this vinegar is perfect for salad dressings and can add a zesty zing to desserts. Try drizzling it on chocolate soufflé or ice cream or on citrus sorbet.

Its great used with roast duck, poultry or game and can be used in sauces and gravies too.

We’ve used it in stir fries and customers tell us its great with seafood too particularly shrimp.

Try it with a spinach, roast beets and feta salad.

Cherry Balsamic

A rich deeply fruity balsamic which is gorgeous used in sauces and used as a glaze for pork or duck. It is lovely added to desserts such as fruit pie or pancakes and ice cream. Or simply drizzled over fresh fruit. Also great added to prosecco or cava.

Fruit Vinegar

Our vinegars are made with a premium British white wine vinegar, without any artificial flavours or preservatives. They are also gluten free. Each vinegar is infused with the fruit to create a carefully blended flavour, bursting with freshness. All of them can be used as a salad dressing, either on their own or added to an oil to create a dressing.

Blackberry, Mint and Vanilla

A sweet and delicious vinegar which is fabulous drizzled over ice cream or used on crepes, pancakes or waffles. Also make a super cordial and can be added to prosecco or cava to give a twist on a traditional Kir Royal.

Blackcurrant and Thyme

A deeply flavoured rich vinegar which is a fabulous salad dressing. Try it with a goats cheese, and walnut salad. It makes a lovely marinade for chicken and works well with venison and duck too. Try adding a dash to apple pie filling for a lovely twist. Its lovely used in red onion and brie tartlets.

A little added to hot water was traditionally used as a cure for sore throats.

Blackcurrant and Rosemary

A beautifully fragrant vinegar with the deep rosemary tones coming through the blackcurrant flavour. Great used as a marinade for meat or as a glaze for roast lamb. Pop a little in gravies or sauces to give a lovely flavour. Try adding a little to a gin and tonic too.

Add a little to honey to make a glaze for roast duck.

Blueberry and Basil

This makes for a lovely salad dressing or marinade for chicken. It’s also great poured on fruit salads, particularly a feta salad. Added to lemonade it makes for a refreshing summer drink. Try dripping on vanilla ice cream.

Blueberry and Lime

A delicious sweet vinegar with a twist of lime burst. Its great made as a salad dressing but great drizzled over cheesecake or stirred through natural yoghurt. It makes for a lovely cordial and can be added to cava too.

Loganberry and Mint

Loganberries are a blackberry/ raspberry cross and with the best of both berry flavours. Infused with mint, this vinegar makes for a lovely salad dressing or can be used to cheer up cous cous. It makes for a lovely cordial and is divine added to cava and prosecco.

Mango and Lime

This is a vinegar which is both vibrant in colour and flavour. It is stunning as a salad dressing but can be added to stir frys and is great with sea food too. Try is drizzled over tomato, feta, peppers and cucumbers in a wrap.


Possibly the most versatile of fruit vinegars and a good “go to” or beginners vinegar if you’re a little wary. This can be used in so many recipes. Brilliant on salads but also great on Yorkshire puddings or on ice cream. Try using it with roast chicken or on Mediterranean roast vegetables. Delicious as a cordial or in a G and T.

Redcurrant and Mint

A beautifully jewel coloured vinegar with lovely minty tones cutting through the slight bitter sharpness of the redcurrants. It is great with lamb, either as a glaze or added to a gravy. Also lovely to liven up cous cous or just drizzled on a salad.

Strawberry and Basil

This one is lovely straight off the spoon but is great drizzled over ice cream or with crepes or pancakes. Try it with a Parma ham, walnut and basil leaf salad. Also fabulous with a chocolate torte and vanilla ice cream. Or mix with yogurt and honey and serve over fruit.

Strawberry and Mint

One of our summer favourites. This lovely sweet vinegar is absolutely divine as a cordial or added to cava or mixed with a gin and tonic. Add a little to a pavola and also drizzled over a fresh fruit salad. It makes the most gorgeous summer salad dressing too.

Strawberry and Rhubarb

This is perfect added to a sparkling drink, albeit water, cava or g and t. It gives you a delicate summery flavour. It makes a fruity salad dressing and is lovely added to fruit salads, ice cream and yoghurts.


Another of the blackberry/ raspberry crosses which leans more towards the blackberry end of the flavour spectrum. Perfect with duck and venison as a either a glaze or marinade or simply added to a sauce or gravy. Deglazing roasting pans with the vinegar makes for a lovely sauce. It works well with fruit salads, pavlovas and ice cream too. Try marinading summer berries and serve with mascarpone.

Can also make a refreshing cordial or a delightful addition to cava.