Prices and Portions Guide

All my cakes are handmade and baked to order using the finest ingredients, free range eggs, real butter etc. and where possible locally sourced; I even make my own preserves and curds and at no time are cake mixes used.

As each cake is individually designed with a wide variety of decorations, it is difficult to give set prices. The prices below give a guide for a simply decorated cake with cake board, box and ribbons but more complex designs with hand-carving, hand-modelling of figures or sugarcraft flowers may incur further costs. However, please talk to me about your requirements and I will give you a no obligation quote.

The table below gives portion estimations for fruit cake and sponge cakes but please note that sponge cakes will normally give you half the number of portions and less if you wish to serve the cake as dessert.

Allergy Advice

Please note although a cake may not contain nuts it is produced in an environment where nuts are used.  I am happy to make dairy free and gluten free cakes but please note that the kitchen isn’t a dairy or gluten free environment and I cannot guarantee cross contamination won’t occur. These cakes  might also incur a slightly higher cost due to the nature of the ingredients used.

Round Cakes Portion Size Cost from: Square cakes Portion Size Cost from:
  Sponge Fruit     Sponge Fruit  
5 inch 6 16 £40 5 inch 10 20 £45
6 inch 11 22 £45 6 inch 14 27 £50
7 inch 15 30 £50 7 inch 20 40 £55
8inch 20 40 £55 8 inch 27 54 £50
9inch 26 54 £60 9 inch 35 70 £65
10 inch 34 68 £65 10 inch 45 90 £70
11 inch 43 86 £80 11 inch 56 112 £85
12 inch 50 100 £90 12 inch 67 134 £95


Rich Chocolate – (minimum 70% cocoa content) Firm consistency and an intense chocolate flavour *

Moist Carrot – delectable alternative to fruit cake, suitable for those with a dairy intolerance.

Rich Fruit – infused with French brandy and matured for 8 weeks before being decorated to ensure it cuts to perfection *

Madeira – Plain sponge, kept moist using sugar syrup (flavoured with alcohol if required)

Coffee and Walnut – with Californian walnuts and real espresso coffee.

Lemon – includes the juice and zest of fresh lemons and filled with a homemade lemon curd buttercream.

* please note that fruit and chocolate cakes will attract a slightly higher price due to the additional cost of the ingredients.

If however, your favourite cake is not included here, please ask and I will do my best to accommodate your request.

There are also a variety of fillings available to complement the cake you choose including our homemade jams which will complement a vanilla sponge cake.